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Type of embroidery badge

Type of embroidery badge

Update Time:2019/9/12
The early badges were layered with a layer of cloth and then cut to highlight its color and pattern. Because embroidery is a decorative art, these badges made of cloth naturally include some patterns and words. Unlike other textile decorative forms such as weaving and knitting, embroidery is the addition of something to already woven fabrics. Today, some badges are made by hand, some are single-head sewing machines, and a large number are embroidered on the shuttle embroidery machine and the multi-head embroidery machine.

Woven emblems:
Weave badges are similar to the trademarks on shirts and jackets. A large number of badges can be made on the trademark machine and it looks like a trademark. They lack the three-dimensional effect of embroidery, and the color is very expensive, and the wearing effect is not as good as the embroidery. The main advantage is that you can make the text small and smaller than any other way. Weaving badges can be very cheap if they are manufactured in large quantities. When the production volume is small, the cost of booting and pattern design is high. Woven badges are usually soft and require a strong pad when wrapping.
The woven badges are produced according to the weaving process, and the woven fabric is woven at the same time. The colored lines are controlled by the Jacquard device to form a badge pattern.

Printed and screened emblems:
The color and text of the pattern can be printed on the cloth to form a badge by printing and spraying. However, its durability and wearability are very different from the requirements. The advantage of this method is that it can be produced in small quantities because the cost of the equipment is very low.

This badge is handmade and is most common in Pakistan and Jordan. It is by hand embroidering gold and silver threads directly on the base fabric to form a pattern. The egg-shaped seal on the helmet of the Navy officer, the badge from the commander to the five-star admiral, and the badges worn by some golf and country club members are typical examples of such embroidery badges. It is particularly time-consuming and tedious to make such a badge. Although there are many people who work on this job, it is difficult to find a good handwork.

Hand embroidered:
This is a kind of badge that has a unique appreciation and is embroidered with ordinary thread. Few people have time to do this old-time embroidery today. It freely embroiders a badge on the sewing machine with a thread similar to that on a shuttle, which requires some artistic skill.
This art is used to transfer patterns to fabrics by punching the sketches and sprinkling the pattern on the fabric or using a soft pencil to draw from a sketch. The sewing machine then moves the hoop of the fixed fabric by hand while operating the needle on the sewing machine. To do this kind of work, you must be steady, your eyes should be fast, and the most important thing is to have good skills through long-term practice. This approach has been done in small batches and samples until the mid-1970's, which became commonplace due to the use of computers on it. Since the computerized version of the tape can be perfectly reproduced on a multi-head embroidery machine in a short period of time, this art of handcrafting began to be lost.

Photo emblems:
This badge requires a 4-color negative, which is segregated and printed on a polyester cloth by sublimation. The badge and the hot stamping film stick together and harden, then edging. In this way, color photographs are directly imprinted on the fabric to form the final badge.

Paper padding refers to a thing that is attached to the back of an embroidered badge to fix the fabric and facilitate embroidery. The paper lining is used during embroidering. After the embroidery is finished, if you want to add the adhesive, add the adhesive on the other machine. The embroidered badge with the backing is not embroidered. Velcro is also a kind of embroidered badge: it means weaving nylon into two rows, one of which is countless small hooks and the other is a small round hole. When the two rows are combined, they can be tight. Stuck. It is durable, easy to pull, cleanable, and available in a wide variety of colors. HOOK H and LOOP refer to the face and matte side of the Velcro, respectively.
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